BioBlitz 2019

Total Observations: 349
Total Species Count: 230
(These are not the final numbers)

Photos of the event are available on Facebook

Photos of species were uploaded to iNaturalist

Event Details

Firefighter Memorial Shelter in Peavy Arboretum
Sunday, May 19, 2019

Join us for the 3rd Corvallis BioBlitz! Our goal is to record as many species as possible in Peavy Arboretum, while emphasizing the importance of our local species and outdoor spaces! This is a free, educational, family-friendly event. Stop by for any amount of time! All ages are welcome and no prior experience needed!

Main BioBlitz Event:
10:00 am – Introduction
10:30 am – iNaturalist tutorial
11:00 am – Botany walk
12:00 pm – Insect walk
01:00 pm – Mycology walk
02:00 pm – Checking camera traps for predators and prey
03:00 pm – Herpetology walk

BioBlitz Art Workshop:
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Special Event: Birding and Bird Banding (pre-registration required)
07:00 am – 10:00 am

How we will record species?
Simple, if you see something intersting, take a picture or ask an expert to take one for you. Pictures can be taken on a phone or camera anywhere in Peavy Arboretum . All photos will need to be uploaded to the Corvallis BioBlitz 2019 project on

If taking pictures with a smartphone, it is recommended that participants create an iNaturalist account and download the iNaturalist mobile app before the event. Then pictures can be saved directly to the app with or without the use of wifi or cellular data. If photos are saved to the app without using wifi or cellular data, then photos can be uploaded later in day(once a wifi source is available).

If photos are taken on a camera, they can be uploaded from a computer to the Corvallis BioBlitz 2019 project on the

Anyone without a smartphone, camera, or iNaturalist, CAN STILL PARTICIPATE!

Note: The BioBlitz is technically a 24 hour event (starting 4pm on May 18th and ending 4pm on May 19th). Anyone can independently participate in this event by taking pictures in Peavy Arboretum within this 24 hour time frame and uploading pictures to the Corvallis BioBlitz 2019 project on iNaturalist. The advertised 10am – 4pm event is simply a convenient time to join in group activities, talk to experts, and have fun!

For questions or to pre-register for the bird banding event email us at

Please Be Respectful Of Peavy Arboretum And Stay On The Trails

For Directions to Peavy Arboretum visit their website

Interested in Volunteering?

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Sponsored by :
The Forest Biodiversity Research Network and Oregon State University

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